Posalux Diamond ToolPosalux Diamond Tool

These types of Diamond are used where precision is most important with the production cycle. It has Radius & Facet as per the customer requirement. Mainly used in Automobile, Watch & Copper calender rolls for Textile & Paper industries.

Chisel Type Diamond DressersChisel Type Diamond Dressers

For the accurate profiling of grinding wheel only chisel tools are preferred for these operation, These Chisel Dresser are manufactured with specially selected higher quality natural diamonds, which are used on Diaform, Akuform & similar machine.

Hardness IndentersHardness Indenters

We produces hardness testing indenters according to the Rockwell & Vickers system. Error free, exactly 0 formed natural diamonds are super lapped to an exact angle of 120 with incredible micro finish, to achieve high standards of precision and performance.

Multi Point Diamond DresserMulti Point Diamond Dresser

Multipoint diamond dresser consists of number of natural diamonds of a good crystal character fixed into a special wear resistant bond. The diamonds can be arranged in different pattern in single layers or multiple layers depending upon the field of operation.

Diamond and CBN WheelsDiamond and CBN Wheels

Diamond wheels are mainly suitable for rough grinding, semi-finishing, micro-finishing, polishing, grinding, cutting of hard alloy, magnetic material, mold and measuring tool, knife and cutting tool, glass, stone material and ferrite work piece.

Single Point Diamond DressersSingle Point Diamond Dressers

The Single Point Diamond Dresser is more versatile dressing tool, which is used for turning and dressing of grinding wheel. They are made of carefully selected raw diamonds mounted in holders by means of special bonds.

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Hardness Indenters

We produces hardness testing indenters according to the Rockwell & Vickers system. Error free, ...

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